Non-Technical questions

What's with all the girldick?

We love girldick. We really do. Next please?

What is transmisogyny? Do I experience it?

Transmisogyny is the cross-section of misogyny and transphobia. The essence of transmisogyny is that someone is "not a real woman". This sentiment appears all over the place, but especially in the tech sector, which can make resources for learning and working inaccessible; hence, this service.

All trans women experience transmisogyny, as do all "assigned male at birth" (AMAB) nonbinary people. Intersex people typically experience transmisogyny as well. If you identify in one of these groups, you are certainly welcome to use our service.

Can I use if I'm not a girl / don't have a dick?

Yes, as long as you experience transmisogyny.

What am I allowed to host on a girldick server?

There are two things that restrict what we allow you to host. The rules of our network provider, and our own rules.

Both sets of rules can be found here.

How quickly will my server be set up once I've ordered?

Usually within a day or two. We manually review all orders to keep pricing balanced & fair, and to ensure we are serving the community we want to be.

Do you offer any managed services/hosting, or web development?

Yes - we can offer this as a service, although this would be for-profit. There are discounted rates for people in the community who girldick is for, though! If you'd like, get in touch with your needs and we'll see what we can do for you.

What do I do if I want a custom virtual server?

If the server you want is not on the list on our application form, then feel free to contact us. Tell us what you need and we'll do our best to provide it.

What is "means based" pricing?

It means that if you can't afford to pay very much, we want to help you anyway.

Girldick users can choose to pay either the exact cost of the server (to us, so we break even), slightly less, or slightly more. We don't profit from those who pay slightly more, we use the money to help those who pay slightly less.

We ask people to be honest & reasonable when discussing what they can afford. While we don't want anyone to be paying above their means, it's important we are able to maintain a balance.

What does my money go towards?

We don't directly make a profit from this service. All money goes towards paying for the cost of running it. We have plans to expand in the future, allowing us to offer a wider range of services. This will also allow us to increase our reliability and redundancy, and to increase our capacity allowing us to host more users on this service.

How can I pay for this?

We're flexible. Right now, we can take Bitcoin and PayPal. If these don't work for you for any reason, please get in touch, and we'll sort something out. We're open to offering other payment methods, so if you can think of any that might work for us that we don't currently offer, please feel free to suggest them!

While our guideline pricing is based on a monthly cost, if you want to pay for several months or more in advance, that's fine by us.

Can I cancel if I don't need it anymore?

We'd rather you didn't; we like having you around. Of course, if you want to cancel, you're certainly free to - there are no contractual obligations to stay. If you cancel within the first half of the month, we'll even refund you half the month. If you paid for more than one month in advance, we'll refund you all the remaining months, less the month (or half a month) you're currently in.

Can I tell my friends about this?

You certainly can. If they fall into the community we offer services to, they're more than welcome to an account. If they mention you when they sign up, it'll even get their account setup a bit quicker - we manually check all applications to help prevent abuse and ensure we're serving the community, and knowing they were referred by someone who is already a user (or has been in the past) makes this process quicker.

If you'd like to tell the world that your site is powered by girldick, we even have a special graphic you're free to use:

powered by girldick

A high-resolution version of that image is available here.

...seriously though, girldick?!

Yep. Seriously.

Technical questions

Where is your stuff hosted?

We have infrastructure in various cities in Europe, but our virtual platform that runs our virtual servers is located in Luxembourg.

What's included?

With your virtual server, you receive 1 IPv4 address, 1 IPv6 address (more are available) and the amount of disk space, RAM and CPU included with the package your ordered. You also get access to our control panel - allowing you to manage, reboot, reinstall and access the console of your virtual machine. In addition, we take nightly snapshots of all servers, which we retain off-site for 3 days should you need to recover/restore your server for any reason. All servers are connected to redundant 100Mbps network uplinks, and we can set custom reverse DNS for both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

With a shared hosting package, you receive access to our shared hosting platform and the control panel for it, which allows you to manage your website - domains and aliases, email accounts, DNS records and MySQL databases. Incoming email is spam and virus filtered, and all outgoing mail is signed using DKIM to help ensure it doesn't end up "junked". The platform supports HTTPS hosting, and we also keep daily backups for 3 days of your site. The shared hosting platform supports both IPv4 and IPv6 access.

Can I upgrade later if I need more resources?

Yes, let us know at any time and we can add additional resources to your server.

If we're adding extra disk space, we can either make the primary disk bigger, and you will have to grow your filesystem/create additional partitions accordingly, or we can attach another physical disk.

If we're adding extra memory or CPU cores, depending on your operating system, you may have to reboot in order for the changes to take effect.

What platform do you use for virtualisation?

By default, we provision all servers as KVM virtual machines. We can also offer LXC containers if necessary, although these will require a custom setup & configuration, and not all our usual options will necessarily be available.

What kind of reliability should I expect?

Our network provider boasts 99.99% uptime, and external monitoring sources back this up, so we believe the network to be quite reliable. Our hardware contract guarantees us quick replacement of failed parts, and our servers have redundancy for most critical hardware, including hard disks.

You can get updates the status of our services on our status page, or by following @girldickhosting on Twitter.

If you're interested in monitoring for your own server, you can also check out Uptime Robot who offers 5-minute monitoring checks on all free accounts. We're not associated with them in any way, just impressed.

Can I get help with my server if I need it?

If you're having trouble with your server and it's related to our virtual platform, we can definitely help you out.

If you're having trouble with the software on your server, such as Apache, nginx or MySQL, we can provide some advice, but this is a primarily unmanaged service. Remember that we're not making money on this, so our time is limited.

What technical knowledge to I need to use my virtual server?

Your virtual server is essentially a computer that you use remotely. We can install the operating system for you, but you'll want to have some knowledge of using and managing linux computers, and setting up the software you want to use (such as web servers, mail servers, databases etc). Networking and server hardware knowledge is not a requirement for using this service.

If you're not sure about this, also consider our shared hosting platform.

Can I run a mail server from my server?

You may run a mail server from this server, but there are several things you may wish to consider. First, we do not permit spamming or the sending of unsolicited bulk email from our network - this will result in mail being sent from your server being filtered. It is important that you set your reverse DNS to be the same as the domain for your server, so after you've picked a hostname & domain, make sure you email us so that we can update that for you. To reduce the probablility of your email being marked as junk by Gmail and Outlook, you will probably also want to setup sender policy framework (SPF) records in your DNS, deploy DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) keys for your domains and enable TLS for outgoing mail.

Alternatively, you can host your email on our shared hosting platform - an option we offer for free with our virtual servers. There's an option for this on the application page.

Do you offer standard web/email hosting instead of servers?

Yes! Our "Shared girldick" service is probably what you're looking for. The application form for this service, with details of the package we offer and pricing, can be found here.

How about SSL certificates? Do you offer those?

Sadly, we do not for virtual servers. However, we do recommend the excellent Let's Encrypt, which offers free certificates and a handy script for generating them (and in many cases - automatically configuring your web server to use them!). These certificates can also be used for TLS on your mail servers, IRC servers or whatever else might need a certificate. Again, we're not associated with them in any way, but we use them ourselves (this site has one!), and we like them.

If you're using our shared hosting service, however, we will acquire a "Let's Encrypt" certificate for you - just get in touch and we'll sort that out for you.