Get one!

We have two different product offerings depending on your needs.

  • Shared hosting: Shared hosting is your typical web hosting service. You upload your files using an FTP client, and you can host your site on our services. To apply for this service, visit our shared girldick page.
    • Pros: inexpensive; easy to use; little technical knowledge required; encrypted traffic (HTTPS) supported; friendly control panel; good for hosting static websites and straightforward PHP sites/applications
    • Cons: you're sharing your IP address with other people, so if they get blacklisted - so do you; files are not encrypted on the disk; little control over environment for dynamic websites (such as PHP version, extra libraries, OS features); web applications written in other languages (Ruby, node.js, Python) generally not supported

  • Virtual servers: This is our main product offering. You get a virtual computer with the resources you request, and can run any software on any operating system. You have full control over the server (you have the "root" account), and you are the only one using it. To apply for this service, visit the get girldick page.
    • Pros: dedicated IPv4 & IPv6 addresses; full operating system/environment control; full-disk encryption and file encryption are available; reboot, shutdown and access the console of your server at anytime with our control panel
    • Cons: technical knowledge of Linux and servers generally required; you are responsible for updating and maintaining your server